My name is…

Just a note to avoid name confusions:

  • TangoChen (nickname, usually without space in between)
  • Jingzhou Chen (Real name)

“Tango” in my name doesn’t actually mean anything, I don’t dance Tango, either.
I was simply looking up a word on the dictionary and found it. That’s how I started using it.

Things got a bit confusing since some web accounts wouldn’t allow using custom nickname but require real name.
The name of my YouTube channel is now Jingzhou Chen, linked with Google account name setting.
To have an unified name on YouTube, I started using Jingzhou Chen in video contents later rather than TangoChen.

Also, names of my developer accounts on
App Store: Jingzhou Chen
Google Play: TangoChen

About TangoChen

Original name: Jingzhou Chen. VR Prototyper at Tencent, Microsoft MVP on Emerging Experiences(More Personal Computing), dropout.
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  1. new one …. joineid

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