I’m now 20 years old…

Today(Feb 3rd, 2013) is my lunar birthday(birthday according to traditional Chinese calendar)..
My age will no longer begin with “one”…

Let me write about my recent news..
As you see I didn’t post any Kinect projects recently..
I’m kinda busy working on some simple Kinect projects in my spare time for a startup advertising company which I will work for very soon..
I may be a Kinect software development engineer..Not a front-end developer any more…

And.. I’m happy that I received Leap Motion development kit’s tracking number.. I will get the kit in several days..
Rev 6.5 – Cool, huh? It’s the latest LM development unit..
And my first LM app has been written for nearly a month..
I will finish it(by modifying some parameters according to the actual using) as soon as I get the device, make a video and post it here like how I do with my Kinect projects..

So.. Any personal Kinect developments?
I’m now working on a personal Kinect project..

I will focus on both Kinect and Leap Motion developments..
They are in two different areas.. One for only hands, fingers and sticks detection and one for full body tracking(with possibility of fingers detection)..
I like both of them.. :D

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1 Response to I’m now 20 years old…

  1. nsns says:

    Hi there.

    I do have some questions for you. perhaps you can help me out.
    I am looking for something (source code) which can help me out modify the kinect cursor just by using 1 hand instead of 2. i am new to this .. so kinda lost.

    Urgently need your help :(

    reply me soon!

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