Thoughts ever had.


  • Learning fast = finding out & summarizing rules fast. Not memorizing fast.
  • Parents want their children to study hard and get high scores, thinking so that they can have a good future. It wouldn’t be so obvious to have a direct impact on their future with their scores achieved 5 or even 10 years ago.
    Usually parents miss something they actually want their kids to have by keeping good scores: good attitude. Is there a way to have a good attitude and not studying so hard at the same time? There can always be some possibilities. Letting them not do so much unnecessary homework, also tell them the reasons and mindset they’re allowed to. Let them achieve something else while having more time than others. Either on hobbies, skills or happiness. Ask the teacher to allow this if needs. Not tested idea though.


  • People may be unnecessarily worried on introverted people’s work skill. Two things to worry about if necessary:
    1. Do they not dare to take actions on any thing that needs to be done for a good work? Not dare to speak/not dare to do on tasks?
    2. Do their introversion cause displeasure that has bad impacts to the team and work?
    Am I? I’m open to any improvement when need.
    No matter what one’s personality is, it’s okay to keep if things are fine. We are in an unrealistic norm to expect anyone to be a so nice person with every standard good quality, to do various great things.
  • Introverted people may handle things well with careful insights and improving actions. But don’t seem to put efforts on improving relations/communications. When they can if they want.
    The moment I realized I can focus a bit to have some improvements.
  • The more talking with others, the more you may let others convince you by convincing them with what they think is right, even if you don’t really agree, from your briefly-indescribable experiences.
    I don’t try to have an argument with my opinion or be like opinionated, but keep in mind with what I believe. When it’s only a talk.


  • Usually if you want as many as surveys to make decisions, gathering as much as information for reference and let the info itself figure out what’s the best to be a good product, you don’t have some practical original ideas with what you believe to be a new thing you’d love and have passion to make.
    I’m additive to create something without looking for any references so that I can regularly avoid being copying-alike. Most of the nice and important references would have been in your sight some time ago. They lighted you up and make you wanna do more. Want perfection from references? Find references after having enough own ideas.
  • Promising creating usually starts with self-sufficient resources.


  • Nothing can blow my mind strongly over and over again like knowing we are living in our only one life.
  • There’re wrong things being for so long to feel like good normal things. And these are things can bring great impacts that benefit a lot when being changed or improved.

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