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PolyGPT – a ChatGPT powered multilingual speech trainer, just released! (Free app)

I developed an AI powered app before my OpenAI free trail expires. Please check out the product page: PolyGPT – Introduction For App Store link: It supports for iPhone/iPad/Mac with M1(+) chips.

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Realistic Bubble Wrap app and the Earth Day event

App Store link If you didn’t notice(as I expect), I developed a bubble wrap simulator app called Realistic Bubble Wrap. And there’s an Earth Day event for the app. Starting from the Earth Day(Apr 22nd) to Apr 29th, opening the … Continue reading

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A procedural Spider Web that can be shot in VR – Introduction

I developed a spider man-alike spider web. VR scene is included in the video. Device: Quest 2. More potentials with even more fun are coming (Not too soon).

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Hand Washing Reminder in Mixed Reality (Meta Quest w/ Passthrough)

While many videos of proposing how life would be in AR/MR are video edited with visual effects, here’s one that actually be programmed out and can be experienced in headset in real time. You can expect everything goes colorful if … Continue reading

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The Wall between Virtuality and Reality

Be cautious in walking into reality. VR device: Oculus Quest 2.

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VR/MR Escape Room Experience – What You Touch Is What You Get

My table and stuff got cleaned manually after this. You can expect everything goes colorful if this is using a future Quest device with color passthrough view. Though for this scenario grayscale may just fit well.

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Casting Spells to Unveil the Real World in VR

Imaging the whole world is in dark. Only your hands are visible. Now you’ve got the magic to unveil the real world. Take a look to learn the skill for the future metaverse.

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Mixed Reality Home Experiences With Virtual Spheres And Cubes(Meta Quest Passthrough)

Imagining throwing virtual spheres and cubes that can interact with keyboard, iPhone, HomePod, Macbook and remote control in real life. Support on Patreon for: – Behind-the-scenes videos of how this project is done. And more Patron-only contents. – Your … Continue reading

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Ring Display on Meta Quest Touch Controller

Showing text info and menu on Meta Quest Touch Controller.

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VR Full Body Tracking Using a Mirror

Experimenting with VR + mirror. Same as the previous video, the Passthrough view is casted to my computer. And the full body tracking is done on computer using OpenPose. Because Quest isn’t allowing apps to access actual Passthrough image.

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