Thoughts of Designing Leap Motion App Gestures

I want to share my [Thoughts of Designing Leap Motion App Gestures] with you.. :)

  • Stable
    Let the user act stably..
    Let the device detect it stably..
    Make the interaction stable..

  • Intuitive
    Easier to remember as well…

  • Don’t be too dumb.. Or make it funny
    Leap Motion is a cool thing…

  • Won’t let the user get too tired easily
    Sometimes, How long the user wanted to use the app for – How long the user used the app for ≈ How Tiring it is
    Tiring may make it less interesting.. but not always a problem.. It depends on the what users mainly use the app for…
    I may use an app for a little while, but I’ll use it frequently… It should be funny/addictive/cool enough.. Maybe for fun..
    I may use an app for a longer while for work.. Shouldn’t be too tiring…

    Commands can be done with one hand should better be done with one hand, especially the frequent ones..

  • Detecting Quickly
    It’s annoying if the user has to wait a little bit after a whole gesture is done every time then see the result..
    The movement patterns(Circle, Swipe, Key Tap, Screen Tap) recognized by Leap itself delay a little bit..
    We can make the movement patterns(not only official ones, like sign languages recognition) feel like real-time interacting by showing the movements in real-time like painting app..

  • Easy to Learn
    It’s confusing if the user has to practice a gesture many times.. (Maybe it’s not stable…)

  • Be clear with other gestures
    Not very good if you design these 3 gestures:
    1. Extending one finger only
    2. Extending two fingers
    3. Extending three fingers

    It may be tough(unstable) cause:

    • Sometimes Leap device detects one more/less finger than it is by mistake..
    • Switching from one-finger gesture to three-finger gesture may cause two-finger gesture
  • Gestures can be something more
    Don’t limit it with only finger controlling…

Bad Experiences:
Stable / Intuitive / Detected Quickly / Easy to Learn / Clear with other gestures:

  • “Did I do the gesture correctly?..” *waiting for the result*
  • Sometimes it works, sometimes not…
  • “Sometimes I was going to … but it’s detected as …”

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