Well-Note updates to v1.1 !!

1.Run more smooth while viewing files list of a category.
2.After clicking to a file from What’s New, clicking the [Back] icon will take you back to What’s New list but not files list of that category.
3.Fixed some bugs.
4.Added features to Copy/Paste text.
【How】Click […] on the right of the bottom menu, then it shows 2 menu items for copying/pasting text.

[download id=”12″]

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3 Responses to Well-Note updates to v1.1 !!

  1. ahsiang says:

    Tango, do you plan to port this to QVGA?

  2. 马驴哥 says:

    Nice app! I really love this software, not for it itself, but for your work.
    Recently I also tried to write an app for Windows Mobile, though to make it like WP7 is easier than other looks, it seems not that good when pictures moving. I think that’s because WM is made for “static” . Maybe that’s why Microsoft gave it up. But after all, it’s really a good system, and I love it ,forever.

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