Kincursor – Yet Another Mouse Controller using Kinect but A Better One!!

Kinecursor = Kinect + Cursor..

I’ve seen several Kinect projects about controlling the cursor.(I’ve found 4 posts[3 projects] of this on Channel9 Codin4Fun..)
And the same part of them is: using one hand to control the cursor and the other hand to perform mouse clicks.
I decided to make a better one. So I created Kinecursor, stands for Kinect + Cursor, which allows you to perform mouse left down/up(down+up=a click) by simply making a fist(It’s not exactly called a fist.. It’s like… a thumbs up..)

Some parts of this video looks like an old video I posted, Kinect Angry Birds Space..
But it’s totally different..
In the “Kinect Angry Birds Space” project, which is not open source, I can only put my hand in a particular area.. But with this one, I can move my hands free(anywhere the Kinect sensor can detect)..

Download the Demo:
[download id=”14″]
How to use it:
Download -> Unzip it -> Run Kinecursor.exe

The hand gestures you should make:

Stand in front of Kinect sensor.
It’s working if your body turns red.
If half of your hand turns yellow.. The Fist: False.

If you extend your thumb leftward or rightward.. The Fist: True.

For now it doesn’t move smoothly.. But I’ll improve it later… 🙂

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11 Responses to Kincursor – Yet Another Mouse Controller using Kinect but A Better One!!

  1. tonatiuh nava says:

    hello you reléase the code

  2. fast says:

    I also still waiting for the code…

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  4. Valdenir says:

    Olá, sou brasileiro e gostei muito do seu projeto.
    Também faço testes com o kinect.
    Vou chegar em casa e testar o seu projeto.
    Eu uso C# and SDK Kinect v1.6 .
    Qual a linguagem você está utilizando?
    Você vai liberar o código fonte?
    Até mais!

  5. Cristian says:

    I am looking for an app for Kinect v2 which lets me to use my device as a cursor. I guess this one is just for Kinect v1. Can I use it for my v2? If the resonse is No, do you know where I can find a cursor App for Kinect v2??



  6. Nicolas says:

    Can you send me too for kinect V2, please?
    Thank you a lot!

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