Kinecursor v1.2

This new version of Kinecursor have been done for a long time.
But I decided to make a video yesterday.

Here’s it.
Kinecursor v1.2

For those who don’t know what Kinecursor is.
I have some simple words to introduce it:
Kinecursor = Kinect + Cursor.
You can control your mouse cursor(move it or perform clicks) with only one hand(either left or right hand).


About source Code
Version 1.2 is not open source for now.
You can buy the source code. (Mail me first. my e-mail: tan9ochen* [replace “*” with “@”])
If you like my work and want to support me(Yes.. I do need your support)..
You can make a donation via Paypal:

Free Demo
Available soon..

About TangoChen

Interest driven for tech & music.
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1 Response to Kinecursor v1.2

  1. ws says:

    Kinect source code of your mouse while the student is studying.
    And since version 1.2 came out your blog, very neatly move the mouse.
    I have to move the mouse to a depth of problems.
    Moved from the front, which works well when the size is not constant because the recognition rate unwell.
    without using open cv so I wanted to ask for help.
    I’m sorry I used the translator.

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