Leap Mousion v2.0

Check this: Tone Mouse


  • New better intuitive gesture:
  • The mouse cursor moves more stably while switching gestures…
  • Several optional parameters:
    s[num] Move Scale..

    Set Scale to 0.4:
    D:\LeapMousion.exe s0.4

    c Click-Only…

    Turn on Click-Only Mode:
    D:\LeapMousion.exe c

    r Reversed….

    Reverse Orientation:
    D:\LeapMousion.exe r

    l Left Handed Mode…..

    Turn on Left Handed Mode:
    D:\LeapMousion.exe l

Source Code on Github:
[download id=”20″]

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11 Responses to Leap Mousion v2.0

  1. Pesh says:

    Can someone please explain to me how im supposed to get this to work. I know nothing about coding. How can I install this or what is the process?

    • TangoChen says:

      Hi, Pesh.. You don’t have to write any code..
      Simply download the Leap Mousion v2.0 Demo above..
      Unzip it and run the LeapMousion.exe

  2. Ricky says:

    Great, But How to do right click?

  3. Jonas says:

    its hard to tell from the video but what kind of latency does your mouse emulator have? (i need a good emulator for FPS games) can you change the sensitivity in some way? can you emulate “mouse lift of” (no tracking) for repositioning hand whilst gaming?


    • TangoChen says:

      That video is the old version(v1.0).. It’s different from this..
      I’ll make a LEAP app for playing FPS game later…

  4. mordecai says:

    works amazing ..thank you so much ive been looking for this and i cant wait to see your fps mousion and any other project you make

  5. Shifty says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for when I pre-ordered the Leap almost a year ago. Now that I have it, I found the mouse control was very lacking (touchscreen emulation was not the best idea). Mouse emulation is what the PC environment needs.

    With that said, I’m having trouble with the mouse cursor jumping around the screen and making unwanted clicks. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s a setting that I can adjust to make this better.


    • TangoChen says:

      I’m not sure what’s the problem.. Maybe it’s kinda unclear?.. Try putting only one of your hands above the device and don’t get to close to it with your head..
      I developed a new app based on this called Tone Mouse.. But the Norton always detects it as a virus… It would be submitted to Airspace as soon as the detection disappears…

  6. Nick says:

    Hi TangoChen!
    I try your program and it worked very good with my finger, but when i try with the chopsticks, it doesn’t move anything.. can u help me with that?

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