Kv2 Viewer

An app that allows you to access Kinect v2 data on the phone.


Apr 12th, 2016: It seems not working lately with newer iOS versions, I’m sorry for this problem! If you have not purchased it but are considering, please don’t buy it until this warning disappears or you have money to burn. 🙂


  • Body View – Accessing the visual body view(A.K.A skeleton view).
  • Color View – Accessing the the color image data.
  • Depth View – Accessing the the depth image data.
  • infrared View – Accessing the the infrared image data.
  • Motion Test – Swiping your hand to rotate a cube.
  • VR Test – Experiencing Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard.

This was my hobby project. You need to have a Kinect v2 that successfully run on Win 8 PC firstly.
If you wanna experience things ’bout Kinect v2 on iPhone. I think it worth a try.
What’s not so good is the latency and the screen of iPhone before 6/6 Plus is not big enough for the VR experience. (I haven’t tried iPhone 6/6 Plus and don’t know how the app would be on it though.)
It’s funny when I showed the app to my sister and she didn’t know the Kinect besides, she’s like, “Wow, the iPhone can track the motion of someone that holds the phone!”
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Download the PC Server:
[download id=”23″]
[download id=”21″]
Simply unzip the file and run the exe file.
You need a wifi network that can be connects to the PC and iPhone at the same time. Then do as the video instruction.

Known Issue:
· Sometimes you may need to force the PC server application to quit with task manger.

Future Prospects:
I will add more features to it, like Facial Expression, Heart Rate Detection(When officially supported). And will make a better PC server.


5/16/2015 – App updated to v1.2.1
* Bug fixes
* Simplify the way you connect the PC server, please download the latest PC server
Now you can just scan the QR code on PC without typing IP/Port values.

12/29/2014 – Oops! I didn’t remember to include the Kinect.Face.dll in the zip file. Just added.

12/16/2014 – The v1.1 is finally ready for sale.
* Highly optimized color, depth, infrared features.
* Head rotation is available in VR Test.
Please download and use the latest PC server here.

12/8/2014 – The app has just been submitted. It may be available in a week or more…

11/7/2014 – Hey guys, I’m updating the app, it won’t be available till it’s updated.

9/22/2014 – App available on App Store.

14 Responses to Kv2 Viewer

  1. enzo says:

    Doesn’t work on windows 8 64, app crashes.
    please fix it.

    • TangoChen says:

      Hi, I’m sorry to hear that. When does the app crash? Does it crash after you click “Start”? If it does, here’s the solution:

      • Try not touching the application(No clicking on it) after clicking “Start”, and go on typing the IP/Port on the phone and click “Connect”. After connected, the application would not stuck, and everything works.
      • Or you can typing the IP/Port on the phone first, then click “Start” on PC and “Connect” on the phone. (The longer it waits after clicking “Start” without connecting to the phone, the more it likely to crash.)

      Hope this helps. I can run the app on Windows 8.1 x64. I think it works the same on Windows 8.

  2. Richard says:

    Not available on the US app store.
    I will keep checking.


  3. Jack Norris says:

    Hey, this looks like a fantastic idea. Sadly, I only have an Android phone! Please let us know if you get a chance to port to Android. Also, I would suggest that for such a niche audience you can afford to increase the price – I would pay $10 for this on Android.

    • TangoChen says:

      Hi Jack, thank you for liking it! It actually had been ported to Android. (It’s developed with Unity.) The reason I don’t publish it on Google Play is that I’m not able to set up Google Wallet in China to receive payments. But if I set it for free it would be unfair to iOS users.
      What about paying $5 via Paypal and get an app apk for your device only? I’ll need to send you an app to get your unique device id first.
      Also thanks for your suggestion, I may consider it after an update!

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  5. Héctor says:

    Hi! the app does not shown the skeleton view, the screen keeps black. The others views works perfectly.
    I am using iPhone 6 with iOS 8.4.

    • TangoChen says:

      Hi, I just tested the app with my iPhone(iOS 9 beta 3) and iPad(iOS 8.4). But it doesn’t seem to have the issue.
      Please make sure your body is detectable to the Kinect. Maybe you need to step further and move your hands and feet a little bit so that the Kinect can find your body.
      You can also run Body Basics-WPF the sample application in SDK Browser at the same time. If the skeleton view shows on the desktop application it should shows on the app.

  6. Danzhy Ferolino says:

    just downloaded the app and the zip file here when i run the app and scan the bar code thats been givin from your zip file. it says “wrong code”
    please advise

  7. alireza says:

    I did not work on the iPhone 4? Why?

  8. J says:

    Have you thought about making this available for Windows 10?

  9. Mike says:

    i cant download only for usa i am from Canada how can i download?? can you sent me files to my email mtaylor848@gmail.com thank you

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