这是我在Leap Motion厉动在线开发大赛的参赛作品~
This is my entry for the Leap Motion (Online) Hackathon in China.

Phone Camera + Google Cardboard + Leap Motion = AR + VR.
A new combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

视频 | Video

优酷通道请点击此处.(A link for the video above on for Chinese viewers.)

简介 | Introduction

基于PC端的Leap Motion识别,将数据传送到手机上,再配合手机后置摄像头、Google Cardboard,便成为Coloreality这样一种新的AR、VR结合的体验方式~*Bling bling*
与Oculus Rift结合Leap Motion不同的是,Coloreality利用手机摄像头可捕获彩色图像画面,而前者只可采集Leap Motion获取的灰度画面。

With Leap Motion, Google Cardboard and the phone camera, Coloreality shows a new experience that combines AR and VR with color image and hand gesture recognition. It’s different from using Oculus Rift with Leap Motion, which shows black and white camera image from Leap Motion. With the phone camera, you can see color image of your hands and the world.

包含Demo | Demo Included

  • Basic Skeleton View | 基础骨骼点跟踪
  • Teapot Control | 茶壶跟踪控制
  • Car View | 小车模型浏览
  • Lightning | 闪电连结跟踪
  • FPS | 第一人称射击

13 Responses to Coloreality

  1. aydin akc says:


    This is real cool.

    How are you getting the Leap Motion data to the application?

    Is it possible to get the source code for this?


  2. Giuseppe says:

    My name is Joseph and I am an Italian professor of a technical institute .
    have you a demo of your application for Android to show to my students ?
    Congratulations for your great work .
    See you soon.

    • TangoChen says:

      Hi Joseph! Sorry for the late reply.
      The phone app was made with Unity. So it’s can be exported as an Android app.
      I’m going to improve the source code and upload it to Github.
      I can tell you when it’s done.

      Jingzhou Chen

      • Kevin says:

        Hi TangoChen,
        I am currently working on a neuroimaging project and I would love to incorporate your project. When will it be available on Github? Thank you!

  3. gabematt says:

    how do you download the application to your computer?

  4. nayan dhabarde says:

    Hi Tangochan,
    Are there any leapotion device for mobiles in development ?

  5. KaiKai says:

    How to communicate between PC and mobile phone using wifi?
    I tried use the same wifi for PC and mobile phone but the ip address is different.

    • TangoChen says:

      Ip addresses on different devices are different but it doesn’t matter. For the apps built from my GitHub source, you’ll need to check the ip address and (customizable)port on PC application, input these on the phone app and tap [Connect]. You should be able to see the [Connect] button disappear, which means that they have connected.

  6. Charith Madusanka says:

    FPS demo is not there my friend

  7. Chunyoung says:

    How can I install the android client on my smartphone?
    Your Github package seems not to include the smartphone client.

    • TangoChen says:

      To install on Android or iOS, you’ll need to import the ColorealityUnityPlugin.unitypackage into a new Unity project. And build the target app with the sample Unity scene. Sorry that the stuff’s been unclearly and still a lot to be improved but I’m not updating it lately.

  8. How do you actually build the application

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