Hello there, I’m self-learning multiple languages and have tried using ChatGPT and voice recognition plugins for AI chat and language learning. However, I found some drawbacks that affected language learning, so I wanted to create a more helpful AI chatbot for language learning, resulting in the development of this app.

The app uses ChatGPT for conversations and voice input, and can also read out sentences. Its biggest feature is the ability to converse in multiple languages at the same time.

Note that you will need an OpenAI account and API key to use this app’s features.
Sign up for OpenAI: https://platform.openai.com/signup
Get API key: https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys

“Why is conversing in multiple languages at the same time important?”

  • If you are a polyglot who speaks multiple languages, freely switching between different languages for sustained conversation is a fun and challenging exercise.
  • Suppose you are chatting with AI and are unsure how to continue the conversation due to a lack of proficiency in a certain language (1. not knowing how to express what you want to say in that language, 2. your mind going blank while thinking in that language). In this case, you can switch back to your mother tongue (or a more proficient foreign language) to continue the conversation. The app can translate your content into other languages, and AI’s response will also include various languages, allowing you to understand AI’s meaning through your familiar language.

After expressing your thoughts in your mother tongue, it is recommended that you listen and read the translated text of the language you want to learn more. Imagine yourself responding directly in that language.

Languages can be flexibly set, including multiple foreign languages, or just one mother tongue and one foreign language, or just one foreign language, and so on.

“Translation mode”
In addition to AI chat mode, the app also supports switching to “translation only” mode.

Only the words you speak will be translated into other languages, and AI will not respond. This is equivalent to a multilingual translator.

In fact, when traveling in non-English speaking regions, using this app and setting the language to [your mother tongue + English + local language] will be more convenient than using a translator with just two languages. Your mother tongue and the local language ensure mutual understanding of meaning, while English serves as a common language for direct communication. For example, you can use a specific English word in a sentence to illustrate a point.

The app does not support text input or modification, which may be added later, with the timeline to be determined.

“Final words”
No child has ever mastered their mother tongue by reading and memorizing dictionaries or grammar rules. Listening and speaking are important!

I wish you success in learning languages using various tools and methods. The app may be updated further based on considerations for language learning.

For any questions, please just contact me here or by email.