Flying Skull VR

This is my first work on non-cardboard VR device. I won an Oculus DK2 for an online hackathon several months ago. But hadn’t tried building something with it, till I asked myself, “what kind of interesting thing can I do with my DK2? Not just looking around, or other things’ been done by others.”

Then I came up with this idea, to make something I can feel the real and dynamic touches while interacting with the virtual world.

There can also be more possibilities, such as:
The skull shoots fireballs toward you and you need to evade them.
Add emotions on skull. (e.g. Getting angrier after being punched.)

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Minecraft in Real Life using Kinect v2

Hey guys, I just developed this Kinect v2 application a few days ago. It lets you be the Steve and interact with Minecraft stuff.

And, you can get it for free! For more information, please check out this Production Page.

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  • yangecnu的博客
    Kinect 1代,很详细,即便要学Kinect v2,也可以从1代的教程受益不少。
  • Kinect 2 Hands On Labs (英文)
  • Vangos Pterneas的博客 (英文)
    很感激Vangos Pterneas!以前买Xbox 360 + Kinect一代,就是想尝试能不能自己开发,不能就当游戏机玩了。
  • 小明编程
    不止Kinect的学习资源/新闻,也包括Leap Motion,Myo等相关体感信息。
  • YuYuYouEr工作室
    Kinect v1/v2的Unity插件哪家强?绝对YuYuYouEr!
    YuYuYouEr Kinect SDK Wrapper v2.0插件可切换Kinect 1/2代使用,无需更换代码,免费!


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New Product: Apple Watch Game [Watch And Shoot]

Hey guys, I’ve developed an iPhone game that you can (only) play with your Apple Watch.
It’s called Watch And Shoot.

Here’s the video:

It would be my new product so it’s added to the product menu.
For details, check out the product page.

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Virtual Violin with iPhone and Apple Watch

My first work on Apple Watch:-D, done with the WatchKit for WatchOS 2.

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Kinect v2 Mouse Control w/ Source Code

A mouse control application for Kinect v2, including a couple of options for various uses.

Kinect v2 Mouse Control Form Screenshot

I’m so glad that I’ve just become a Microsoft Kinect MVP since this July, so I think I need to do something more.

One request asked most since the original Kinect came out is, “can I use my hand to control the mouse cursor?” There you can find a few applications for doing this with original Kinect on the web.

These days, some people still asked me for this kind of application for Kinect v2. Then I strangely found there’s no such downloadable applications on the web. I gotta release a Kinect v2 version app. And here’s it, with source code!


  • Mouse Sensitivity
  • Pause-To-Click Time Required
  • The time you hold your hand for as a click

  • Pause Movement Thresold
  • How large the circle range you hold your hand inside for a little while would be a click

  • Cursor Smoothing
  • The large it is, the smoother the cursor would move, more slowly as well.

  • Grip Gesture
    Grip to drag/click
  • Pause To Click
    Hold your hand and don’t move for a little while to click.
  • No clicks, move cursor only

Github: KinectV2MouseControl
EXE files: [download id=”24″]

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Do you see the Products menu?

Hey guys, Don’t forget to check out the pages under [Products] menu, it contains a couple of good posts that wouldn’t show up in here the timeline.

I’ll try to post updates when new pages are added.
[Nothing more for reading]

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Motion Server – One Kinect v2 on Multiple Devices

One day I felt that using one Kinect on one PC isn’t enough. There could be more interesting things to do with multiple screens.
So I consider sharing the Kinect data with multiple devices. You may know that I created an app called Kv2 Viewer that can access Kinect data on the phone. With the similar technology, I successfully send Kinect data to multiple devices.
Firstly I write a server program to make a Win 8.1 PC as a server. Then all other clients that want the Kinect data would just need to connect to this PC.

Here are the simple demos I made in the video:

Body views
They all get the joint positions, joint states first and generate the body views on screen, not reciving body view images from the server.

Girls staring at target
The girls from different directions would stares at you (According to your head position). And if you act like pointing at something, they would stare at that (According to your hand position.)

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How-To: Solving Various Issues on iOS AR Developments while using Vuforia + Unity

I’d been confused by various problem when using Vuforia with Unity, to develop AR app for iOS device. Here’s how to solve ’em!

1. App crashes when using Unity (4.5.4, 4.5.5, 4.6) + Vuforia 3.0.9.
After building Xcode files, open it, you’ll need to modify the Info.plist.
Click Informaition Property List,there on the right appear a Plus icon, click it.
Type this on Key field:
UIInterfaceOrientation or Initial interface orientation. (They mean the same)
Type this on Value field:
UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait or Portrait (bottom home button)

2. Black screen without camera background when using Unity 5 + Vuforia 4.
Click File menu->Build Setting…->Player Setting…
On the Other Setting session of PlayerSetting, switch the Graphics API to Open GL ES 2.0.
The Automatic option may use Metal by default causing the problem. (I’m not sure though.)

3. Getting “CodeSign Failed”, cannot export IPA file from Xcode project built by Unity 5 + Vuforia 4.
Run Terminal app on Mac. Go into the Xcode project directory by using cd.
cd /user/TangoChen/Projects/DemoExports

We’ll build the IPA with Terminal using various commands.

  • Clean
    xcodebuild clean -project Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj -configuration Release -alltargets
  • Archive
    xcodebuild archive -project Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj -scheme Unity-iPhone -archivePath Unity-iPhone.xcarchive
  • Export
    xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath Unity-iPhone.xcarchive -exportPath MyIPA -exportFormat ipa

* If your project name isn’t Unity-iPhone, change it to yours.
Then, we’ll get an IPA file called MyIPA.ipa in the project directory.

Some say the solution above somehow does not work well while installing, and the exported ipa cannot be uploaded to App Store.
For a better solution, please read the solution by AlessandroB.

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高通Vuforia + Unity iOS AR常见问题解决

最近Vuforia + Unity iOS总能折腾出各种问题.容易令人捉急.

1. 问题: Unity (4.5.4, 4.5.5, 4.6) + Vuforia 3.0.9 iOS下闪退.
点击Informaition Property List,右方出现加号,点加号.
UIInterfaceOrientationInitial interface orientation. (都一样的)
UIInterfaceOrientationPortraitPortrait (bottom home button)


2. 问题: Unity 5 + Vuforia 4 黑屏,无相机画面.
点File菜单->Build Setting…->Player Setting…
在PlayerSetting的Other Setting处,把Graphics API设置为Open GL ES 2.0.

3. 问题: Unity5 + Vuforia 4 无法生成ipa文件,总报错提示Codesign Failed.
cd /user/TangoChen/Projects/DemoExports


  • Clean
    xcodebuild clean -project 项目名称.xcodeproj -configuration Release -alltargets
  • Archive
    xcodebuild archive -project 项目名称.xcodeproj -scheme 项目名称 -archivePath 项目名称.xcarchive
  • Export
    xcodebuild -exportArchive -archivePath 项目名称.xcarchive -exportPath 项目名称 -exportFormat ipa

* 项目名称通常是iPhone-Unity

转载请保留此原文出处链接,谢谢: by TangoChen

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