Wear Shooter

FPS game for Android Wear


Wear Shooter

Ever wonder playing a First-Person Shooter game on a small device like Android Wear?
Here it comes, a FPS game designed for Moto 360.

· Please be patient while installing the game to your wear device. It takes some time.
· Game loading may also take a couple seconds.
· For a better experience, please adjust the Wear brightness to 1 ~ 5 but not Auto by default. So it won’t turn dark while playing the game.

· Rotate your wrist with the Android Wear to see different directions of view and find enemies. Tap the screen to fire and shoot ’em.
· The left black semicircle represents the number of the bullets left. You have unlimited reloads. It only takes a while to reload every time the number of bullets goes zero.
· The right red semicircle represents the life/blood of your character.
When the life goes to zero, the game will be over. Then you can see your score. The more enemies you hit, the higher score you will get.
The home page of the game would also display the highest score you’ve got.

Hope you enjoy it!

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