Realistic Bubble Wrap

Get a digital copy of bubble wrap for future

I’d wanted to make this virtual bubble wrap for so long.

  • A bubble wrap that is not just a bunch of static bubble images.
  • Each bubble should morph and pop naturally in response to your touch.
  • Even the popped bubbles or the semi-circular bubbles at the edges should morph by touch.
  • Sound effects are triggered based on physics and user interactions.
  • Haptic feedback are generated based on the state of bubble.
  • ……

    A lot of thought were put into making the experience more realistic in every aspect.

    On top of that, it can transform into a variety of materials. Imagine popping a bubble wrap that is made of balloon, tinfoil, liquid metal… Or even one featuring a cyberpunk style.

    This is not a competitive game. All you do is popping the bubbles. Therefore it can be as relaxing and uneventful as a real-life bubble wrap.

    Consider purchasing this if you are either:

  • Feeling bored and don’t have a real bubble wrap around you.
  • Wanting to de-stress with a bubble wrap app that technically draws your attention away from anxiety and onto something you never think of.
  • Wondering how simulated bubbles will react to your touching, shaking and blowing.
  • Seeking inspiration from random weird stuff.
  • Appreciating niche things that people strive to create for no reason.
  • Thinking the app may not get frequent use but also realizing it is how you would play with a real bubble wrap.
  • Wanting to support the developer who may come up with something more useful than this in future.

  • Features:

    · A range of bubble wrap visual styles with corresponding sound effects: original, balloon, tinfoil, liquid metal, cyberpunk…
    · Haptic feedback(vibration) that adjusts according to the touch with bubbles. This feature only works on devices that support vibration.
    · Blow detection: Bubble wrap can swing when you blow air towards the phone. This cannot be enabled with vibration.
    · Using preset 360 images or rear camera image as the background.
    · Instant burst: Check this if you want an immediate pop.
    · Static sheet: If enabled, the sheet will not swing, which also makes it easier to pop bubbles in the top area.

    Celebrating Earth Day

    Open the app between Apr 22nd and 29th to unlock a new bubble wrap skin!
    Bubble Wrap Earth Day style

    For any questions and support, please contact me:
    Also, the video of projector version will be uploaded later. If you want a similar interactive installation please feel free to contact me.