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Mixed Reality Home Experiences With Virtual Spheres And Cubes(Meta Quest Passthrough)

Imagining throwing virtual spheres and cubes that can interact with keyboard, iPhone, HomePod, Macbook and remote control in real life. Support on Patreon for: – Behind-the-scenes videos of how this project is done. And more Patron-only contents. – Your … Continue reading

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Flying Skull VR

This is my first work on non-cardboard VR device. I won an Oculus DK2 for an online hackathon several months ago. But hadn’t tried building something with it, till I asked myself, “what kind of interesting thing can I do … Continue reading

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New Product: Apple Watch Game [Watch And Shoot]

Hey guys, I’ve developed an iPhone game that you can (only) play with your Apple Watch. It’s called Watch And Shoot. Here’s the video: It would be my new product so it’s added to the product menu. For details, check … Continue reading

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