Flying Skull VR

I won an Oculus DK2 for an online hackathon months ago. But hadn’t tried building something with it, till I asked myself, “what kind of interesting thing can I do with my DK2? Not just looking around, or other things’ been done by others.”

Then I came up with this … Read more

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Minecraft in Real Life using Kinect v2

Hey guys, I just developed this Kinect v2 application a few days ago. It lets you be the Steve and interact with Minecraft stuff.

And, you can get it for free! For more information, please check out this Production Page.

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  • yangecnu的博客
    Kinect 1代,很详细,即便要学Kinect v2,也可以从1代的教程受益不少。
  • Kinect 2 Hands On Labs (英文)
  • Vangos Pterneas的博客 (英文)
    我内心很感激一个人..就是Vangos Pterneas!
    以前买Xbox 360 + Kinect一代,就是想尝试能不能自己开发,不能就当游戏机玩了。
  • 小明编程

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Derek Sivers文章读后笔记

Derek Sivers是我非常敬仰的学者/创业者/程序员/TED嘉宾/音乐人。他的发表的观点都很独到,令人印象深刻,值得深思!
下面分享他的文章一些观点和我自己的感想,他的书《Anything You Want》我也有读,简练有趣,百读不厌..

  1. No more yes. It’s either HELL YEAH! or no.
    Raise standards. Say no to anything less than great. ——摘自Getting out of a bad place

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New Product: Apple Watch Game [Watch And Shoot]

Hey guys, I’ve developed an iPhone game that you can (only) play with your Apple Watch.
It’s called Watch And Shoot.

Here’s the video:

It would be my new product so it’s added to the product menu.
For details, check out the product page.

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Play Virtual Violin with iPhone and Apple Watch

This is my first work on Apple Watch. :-D
It’s done with the WatchKit for WatchOS 2.
Hope you enjoy watching it.

For now the experience isn’t very good. I’ll consider whether to release it on App Store later.

By the way, another interesting Apple Watch app, wh … Read more

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Kinect v2 Mouse Control w/ Source Code

A mouse control application for Kinect v2, including a couple of options for various uses.

Kinect v2 Mouse Control Form Screenshot

I’m so glad that I’ve just become a Microsoft Kinect MVP since this July, so I think I need to do more things.

One request asked most since the original Kinect came out is, “can I use my hand to cont … Read more

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Do you see the Products menu?

Hey guys, Don’t forget to check out the pages under [Products] menu, it contains a couple of good posts that wouldn’t show up in here the timeline.

I’ll try to post updates when new pages are added.
[Nothing more for reading]

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My name is…

Just a note to let you know that you can call me with whichever names you like below:

  • TangoChen (nickname, I prefer no space between 2 words)
  • Jingzhou Chen (Real name)
  • TC (shorten for TangoChen)

I’ve been using TangoChen as my nickname on the web for years.
“Tango” in my name doesn’t Read more

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Motion Server – One Kinect v2 on Multiple Devices

One day I felt that using one Kinect on one PC isn’t enough. There could be more interesting things to do with multiple screens.
So I consider sharing the Kinect data with multiple devices. You may know that I created an app called Kv2 Viewer that can access Kinect … Read more

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