Kinect v2 Minecraft

Kinect v2 Minecraft

Be the Steve and interact with Minecraft stuff!



Body Interactions:

  • You have an ax and a block. At start, you have an ax on your right hand.
    To switch between an ax and a block, move your right hand behind your back and move back.
  • You don’t need to collect resources. To place a block, simply do a push-down with your right hand.
  • To break blocks, swipe your right hand with an ax.
  • Even when you break the blocks on bottom, the blocks above won’t fall down. To enable gravity to all the blocks you have now, do a jump.
  • Throw the ax like I did in the video!

Keyboard Control:

  • Hide yourself from the detectable range of Kinect sensor and Press G – G meaning “Ground”. This lets the program know your environment better. So when you have a chair in your room, the blocks may collide with it but not pass through it. However, this is optional, the program still works if you don’t do this.
  • Press R – Reload the application.
  • Press Esc – Exit the application.


Basically the PC that you are able to run any other Kinect v2 applications on(for example, Kinect v2 sample application in SDK Browser v2.0), can run this application.


  • A Kinect v2 sensor, which includes a power hub and USB cabling
  • Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows Embedded 8, or Windows 10
  • USB 3.0 controller
  • 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Physical dual-core 3.1 GHz (2 logical cores per physical) or faster processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphics card that supports DirectX 11

Get It For Free

Yes, you can get it for free, but please allow me to do this. To get more subscribers on YouTube, I hope you can subscribe to my YouTube channel then send a private message(via YouTube, email or whatever) to let me know your email address so I can send you the files.

However, if you don’t have a YouTube account, or you are not interested in my YouTube channel. Just tell me you don’t have that or “I’m not interested in your channel but send me the files.” via email. I’ll send you the files, too.

27 Responses to Kinect v2 Minecraft

  1. Alessandro Moreira says:

    Nice project! I want to test it on my machine, i have all the requisites, can i give it a try?
    Keep up the good work, this is amazing!
    (i already subscribed to your channel)

  2. Bill says:

    Hi.. I’m not a utuber.. but would love to try ur project.. I’m just starting now with kinect2, what your doing looks great.. Many thanks.

  3. Saverio says:

    Please give me a code

  4. Brahmbhatt Vishwas says:

    Hi, I am new in development of application based on kinect v2. I would like to learn about this project. Can you help me with it? Thank you.

  5. Sunny says:

    nice job
    I am 205th in your youtube channel
    please send it to me to try it out

  6. Hugo says:

    Great work! Can ypu please send me the files for controlling windows with the kinect v2 sensor? That would be great.


  7. Shanks Fu says:

    Nice Project!! I want get this files ,but I don’t have Youtube account, could you please give me your code? Thanks

  8. Rob Beck says:

    Hi TangoChen,
    I am also new to this stuff. I like to try this with my new kinect sensor. I would like to try your files. Can you send them please??
    kind regards
    Rob Beck

  9. Kim says:


    I’m trying out the Kinect and would like to try your demo. Can you please the send your files? Thank you!

  10. LOUISE says:

    please can u help me understand my son has xbox360 and is getting a Kinect sensor for xmas is he able to do this on that


    • TangoChen says:

      Hi Louise. I’m sorry that this application is for Kinect v2.0 sensor on PC. And Kinect sensor for Xbox360 is an original one(v1 sensor) that the app isn’t compatible with. So the answer would be no.
      Wish all your families a merry Christmas!

  11. gaston says:

    Hello Jingzhou!
    I think your demo of minecraft with Kinect is great!!!
    Could you send me the files please?
    Thank you in advance.

  12. Nicolas Machiavelo says:

    Hi Tango!

    Nice application. I want to test it. Do you have any kind of rendering in 3d to add more models?

    I have all the requisites, Can I give it a try?
    Keep up the good work, this is amazing!
    (I already subscribed to your channel)

  13. Nicolas Machiavelo says:

    Hi.. I’m not a youtuber.. but would love to try ur project.. I’m just starting now with kinect V2, what your doing looks great.. Many thanks.

  14. Chenxiao Fan says:

    It is totally fantastic! may i have the files sir? i want the files!

  15. Vadim says:

    Hello Tango, i subscribed to your channel, its very intresting.
    Can u send me a code?
    thx and have a nice day from Belarus )

    ps. I wrote you in Youtube, but have no answer (

  16. Otavio Martins says:

    Please give me a code

  17. Geoff says:

    I would like to try out with my 12 year old son!

  18. nikola says:

    please send me the files.I subscribed.

    (sorry for the short and simple message)

  19. Luiz Morais Jr says:

    Hi Tango, I´ve subscribed to your youtube channel and your twitter. Congratulations for the good job. Could I get this Minecraft Kinect code? Thanks.

  20. Richard says:

    I have subscribed to your youtube channel and i’m excited by your great work.So please send the codes to me.Thanks a lot!

  21. lucid_na says:

    please give me a code

  22. Bob says:


    I don’t have a YouTube account. Can you please email me the demo!

  23. linfuchon says:

    TangoChen I’m slow to log on to YouTube, but I just learned Kinect V2 from your YouTube channel. I like your project very much. Can you send me the files? Study, thank you.

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