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Making a Motion Detector with Game Builder Garage on Nintendo Switch

This is a Game Builder Garage implementation of a $9.99 app. It can be done with Toy-Con garage from any Nintendo Labo Kits, too.

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Backlit Keyboard as a Typing Trainer

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Snake Game on a Backlit Keyboard

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Backlit Keyboard + Leap Motion

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5 Unusual & Dumb Ways To Type With A Backlit Keyboard

This is like a Try-Not-To-Type-In-A-Normal-Way challenge for myself, with a backlit keyboard. As always, things are done early but it took me a lot of unpredictable procrastinating(waiting and not doing anything more) time before videos are made to publish. The … Continue reading

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Having Fun With Blacklit Keyboard

I had never been a fan of mechanical keyboard until I thought, there is something programmable with it… Specifically with a backlit keyboard. Every key has its individual RGB lighting. Just like a LED matrix panel with interactable pixels. And … Continue reading

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Pareidolia – Scribbling Something out of Random Lines

You may have experienced seeing things from something unrelated. like.. a human face-alike cloud in the sky. (Oops I can not give another example for a “such as”.) This is called Pareidolia. “The tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful … Continue reading

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Mario Flagpole Scene Simulation on Toy-Con Garage

I tried to make a 2D game with Toy-Con garage and this is what I have come up with. Though it’s not a complete “game” experience. It’s fun to build something seems to be simple but with even “simpler” graphics … Continue reading

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Dreams In Sleep

I have intriguing dreams sometimes. I consider them as some random creative moments. I want to note down some of them here. Simply because they are interesting. There may be terminologies for what I’m describing. If you know anything more … Continue reading

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MIDI Reality – Mixed Reality with Kinect and MIDI Keyboard

Tech & music are my favorites. I’d love to do them together. So I had this idea to try covering a song with a MIDI keyboard, and a Kinect v2 sensor for mixed-reality floating caption effects. That was when the … Continue reading

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