Flying Skull VR

This is my first work on non-cardboard VR device. I won an Oculus DK2 for an online hackathon several months ago. But hadn’t tried building something with it, till I asked myself, “what kind of interesting thing can I do with my DK2? Not just looking around, or other things’ been done by others.”

Then I came up with this idea, to make something I can feel the real and dynamic touches while interacting with the virtual world.

There can also be more possibilities, such as:
The skull shoots fireballs toward you and you need to evade them.
Add emotions on skull. (e.g. Getting angrier after being punched.)

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9 Responses to Flying Skull VR

  1. Is there audio and visual feeback (along with the natural haptics) when you make contact with the bat? That might be cool to see how much presence you can create and to see if you can generate any real anxiety with the bat.

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  3. aldomanetti says:

    looks very fun
    can i try?
    i`ve the same hardware (dk2+kinect v2+ leap)

    can you send me the demo?

  4. Luis says:

    Hello, Congrats looks nice!
    A have a question, how do you calculate the diferent centroids?

  5. Nur says:

    I left you few messages on your gmail. I hope you can reply soon.

  6. budkillington says:

    how do I get the kv2 to work?? ive done everything but it isn’t scanning the code or anything else. it just crashes

    • TangoChen says:

      Hi sorry for this issue! The app crashes on my devices, too. I guess the problem occurs with newer iOS version.
      I may have some updates on the app and make sure it works again.

      Thank you for your feedback,
      Jingzhou Chen

  7. Francis Kim says:

    Great work as always Tango!

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