Dreams In Sleep

I have intriguing dreams sometimes. I consider them as some random creative moments. I want to note down some of them here. Simply because they are interesting. :)

There may be terminologies for what I’m describing. If you know anything more about these or just have any ideas, free feel to leave a comment.


More oftenly, dreams appear when I get tired, and am already on bed for sleep. My brain would somewhat still be rolling inside, it does not fully rest. I feel half-sleeping-and-half-awake.

The dream contents can be anything I’m not familiar with but yet new and impressive. I wouldn’t expect to see these good things I don’t work on daily, but it all comes to my brain.


In the dream, I hear good symphony, with different musical instruments playing together. I can feel it sound good and professional. But I can’t tell what all musical instruments they were due to my lack of knowledge on symphony. Even now in reality I can’t tell or have some more understandings on real symphonies. There could be cello, organ, and something I don’t know.

I would wonder, was that really a good piece of melody or I just have had a lower standard on what a good piece of music is in dreams(the aesthetic judgment shuts off), and felt enjoyable for poor quality sounds.

I don’t have skills to create/arrange these sounds, how do they come?
Was I somehow casually creating them in the dream? Or was I repeating/rehearing some pieces of music I heard before, which were unexpectedly stored in my memories?

Potentially a new song

This is similar to hearing symphony. It’s more lyrical style with singing voice(s), like hearing a pop song.

I could feel a bit of regret sometimes, as if I would’ve noted down the melody and make a new song if I’m a professional song writer. I’m not but I did dream about trying to wake up, take my phone, sing out and record what I still could remember.

Also, was that just a copy of an existing song or a new melody never heard with few similarities with other songs?

Nice visual content

This is like watching an artistic video, yet with impressive visuals. It’s random and unpredictable. I’m at the same time hoping/enjoying it to be just unpredictable. I cannot memorize and remake the visuals, but it was surely impressive.

Clear zooming-in vision

How do you feel about the image quality in a dream? Is it clear or blurred like in some film scenes?

I can see a really clear view in dreams sometimes. That is, I know I’m in a dream, seeing astonishing clear images just like in real life. And furthermore, the content zooms in and still looks clear. Like watching an infinitely zooming image with always clear pixels, for 1 second. (The zooming lasts for short and not like it’s going infinite.)

I guess.. You may not remember any images of a dream, but it doesn’t mean you saw blurred things.

When in these content generating dreams, I’m in the mood of ① getting unpredictable good quality of art works from nowhere, ② enjoying, ③ hoping to enjoy more and get surprised.

Gotten-up illusion

For many times when I tried to wake up in a sleep, whether because I hear the alarm, or for any reasons I intent to get up.

I may had the illusion that I was getting up – and stopping the alarm eventually. Then after a moment, I heard the alarm again, realizing the getting up process was in a dream and I was still in bed.

This can happen for a few times – a few rounds of thinking I have gotten up but I’m not, till I really wake up.

So I don’t regard them as good or bad things though medically or psychologically there can be different signs. If you know anything related, feel free to let me know and possibly help me dig into it.

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2 Responses to Dreams In Sleep

  1. Chunyoung says:

    I had experienced the similar things that you just explained here. I don’t know whether you wanna know the true meaning of your dreams or not but I think dreams don’t have substantial meaning to an actual life. In my case, I rather go outside and do more physical exercises and get some more sunlight. Those helped me to get a good deep sleep . I hope this helps.

    • TangoChen says:

      Hi Chunyoung, good to hear someone had the similar dream experiences. And it’s a good reminder that good deep sleep matters.

      I feel it’s subtle and interesting to write down these random experiences/ideas that we have but we mostly never tried looking at them in details. And posting them only describes something existing. I’m okay to not knowing anything more than it. Maybe someday people walk by and share their sights on similar ideas. And it feels good to casually know a bit more.

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