Ready for Kinecursor v1.1 with Source Code…

It will be released no later than January 1st, 2013…

Great thanks to Greg Duncan for posting the the “Help me test Kinecursor, Please…” on Coding4Fun
And thanks to all of you that helped me test it..
The result is: It didn’t work with Kinect for Windows device.. Only worked with Kinect for Xbox 360 device..

I’m now able to make it work with Kinect for Windows device.. And I’m ready to share the source code of it!!

I just found the problem..
Damn..I enabled the Near Mode on Kinect for Windows devices, which are able to use near mode.. And under the near mode, the program doesn’t support for most body tracking joints!!…

Another problem is that it was jitter and not smooth..
I think I know what the problem is.. I was using some code to make it look smoother.. Unfortunately, they are the very code that make it jitter and not smooth..
So I’ll simply remove these helpless code..

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  1. nsns says:

    Have you posted the source codes ? i am in need of big help. i am new with this whole kinect developing area. so if you don’t mind sharing. do email me.

    Thank you in advanced

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