Kinect RPS – Play Rock-Paper-Scissors With Computer

Ever thought about playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with your PC ?
Now you can do this by using Kinect RPS.
RPS stands for Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Kinect RPS can recognize your hand gesture and immediately show you its hand-sign that beats yours (unless it recognizes wrongly..Sometimes it does).




  • Separate your fingers when showing paper-gesture.
  • Please use your right hand only. Somehow the left-hand recognition sucks so I cancelled it.
  • And…
    Kinect RPS Gesture Wrong Right

  • Download:
    [download id=”17″]
    [download id=”22″]

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    2 Responses to Kinect RPS – Play Rock-Paper-Scissors With Computer

    1. gil says:

      not available the source code of this example, I’m working on something and hopefully you could help me.

    2. thinkpink says:


      Can i have a simple program which can convert hand gesture from kinect to keyboard input? Such as rock become number 1, paper become number 2, and scissors become number 3?

      Best Regards,

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