Leap Mousion – Control Mouse with Leap Motion

I received my LEAP development kit today and.. here’s my first project..
Leap Mousion = Leap Motion + Mouse

This may be the simplest idea of using Leap Motion..
It’s like a hello world program for all LEAP developers..
But not as easy as I thought before using the kit..
The app may be available for download soon..

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7 Responses to Leap Mousion – Control Mouse with Leap Motion

  1. GILBERTO says:

    i’m in a project and detection gestos kinect, hope and a little can help with some sample: rock, paper or scissors you did

  2. Bob Smith says:

    so let me get this straight… I would put this contraption on top my well used trackpad, so that I can emulate the trackpad with more arm and hand movement than the trackpad requires, or with chopsticks instead of fingers?


    • Fintan says:

      If you’re going to be needlessly negative, at least spell properly.

      This is the future. Baby steps. No one is ever going to actually use this application day-to-day. It’s just a proof of concept.

  3. yuri says:

    Hello !I’m also interested in leap motion but I can’t get one ,so I have to wait for May.and now I wonder during your projects ,apart form the functions the Leap Company has shown to us , did you find the disadvantages or technical limits (For example :if one hand is put one the other hand,it can’t identify correctly) of Leap ?

  4. Mina says:

    Hello Tango Chen,
    Well, let me first congratulate you on the fantastic work you are doing.
    I am currently doing my master thesis involving an app with the leap moion. I would very much appreciate it if you allowed your code to be downloaded.


  5. finance help says:

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  6. Juan Telo says:

    Hello, I’m currently working on an app in which I have to do something similar to yours. I’ve tried yours from the GihHub but I can’t control it as you can in the video. I can only get the mouse to move but can’t do the clicking event. Do you have any ideia what the problem could be? I’d appreciate your feedback and if possible you could email me to juantelo95@gmail.com

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