Share An Idea of [Leap Motion + Pad] App

What can we do with an Android Pad connected with Leap Motion?
Currently the Leap Motion is not able to connect to tablet..
So I connect it to the PC, then send the Leap Motion data to the Android Pad.. Hope it work…

We can do a lot of things with them..
Here I just got an idea…
Due to lack of resources I can’t make it immediately…

not that clearly…

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3 Responses to Share An Idea of [Leap Motion + Pad] App

  1. SanaKanji says:

    Hi TangoChen,
    I just saw your project video

    “FingerTipe – Writing in the air with LEAP Motion’

    Actually i’m also working on a similar type of project. Can you please tell me which algorithm did you use for alphabet recognition in your project? I will be very grateful if you reply me back with the answer of my query.

    • TangoChen says:

      Hey Sana, I don’t know if there’s a similar algorithm/method as the way I did. I just created my recognition method: Letters should be drawn from the middle grey line, ending with swipe-right gesture. And the program gets continuous fingertip moving directions, simplifies them as directional strings: ↑↓←→, and recognizing a letter is eventually become strings finding/matching, for example, getting “←↓→↑→” strings means that the user did an “a” gesture. This works for most letters recognitions, and will need additional method thinking for “i”, “p” & “b”, etc recognitions.
      Hope this gives you some helps.


  2. SanaKanji says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. Do you have your code on github?

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