Virtual Shoe Fitting Experiment with Kinect v2

The virtual shoe fitting store from Goertz in 2012 is quite impressing. They used 3 original Kinects. I decided to make my virtual shoe fitting application with a Kinect v2 last month. It’s still something rare, though we’ve seen many virtual dressing room demos.

I placed the Kinect low on a box, so it can capture my feet only. In this case, we can see more details of the shoe. But, I’ll need to write my own feet tracking algorithm as the original body tracking won’t work. This is one of the big challenges.

Another challenge is that I need to hide some parts of the shoes that covered by my feet. If you’ve ever tried implementing the virtual dressing room, you’ll also face this problem. Using single-sided materials is one of the solutions. But it won’t work in some cases and it’s flawed. For some reasons, I’d keep my solution private. 😉

Overall, the application doesn’t work very well due to the CPU capability and the current algorithm. But I enjoy the process of making it!

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4 Responses to Virtual Shoe Fitting Experiment with Kinect v2

  1. Minho Jo says:

    i’m live in the seoul (South Korea)
    plz can i get a kinect shoe project’s unity3d source?
    I’ll then further improved.
    thank you

  2. Cris says:

    Hi Tango Chen!

    It’s amazing what you made with the Kinect v2 and Unity! It’s very interesting this Virtual Shoe Fitting too! I’m creating a virtual fitting room with kinect, but I have problems with the feet and the shoes. Can I contact to you directly to speak more about this virtual shoe fitting that you made?


    Best Regards,


  3. Cristian says:

    I am looking for a for Unity which lets me to use my Kinect v2 as a virtual fitting room. I guess this app is just for you.. Can you please help me to develop the same app?
    Greetings from Chile, Latinamerica!

  4. Baihaqi Halongangan says:

    hello Tango Chen,

    im ngangan from Indonesia, im learning about how to develop program. Im interest on all of your projects. Would you share this Virtual Shoe Fitting Experiment with Kinect v2 project to me? i will appreciate it and learn it well.

    thanks before,

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