Kv2 Tongue Tracking – Tip of Tongue Tracking with Kinect v2

I had been so busy recently. Finally got some time and done this work, tracking the tip of tongue with Kinect v2.
Github: https://github.com/TangoChen/Kv2TongueTracking

Here’s the steps to track tip of tongue with Kinect sensor.

  • Get the mouth area in the depth image by using face tracking.
  • Get the smallest depth(then it is closest to the Kinect sensor) inside the mouth area. That’s the depth part of the tongue’s tip!
  • Get the relative position according to the mouth area to know the tongue’s direction.
  • Show the tracking results when the mouth is open.

* P.S. I gotta say the researchers from Japan made it 2 years ago, too. They beat me to it. So it’s not me that showed you the tip-of-tongue tracking ability first. 🙂

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    I would like to order your Gesture application to control mouse and clicking.

    Please let me know your contact information (email/ Skype).

    Thank you,

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