Kinect v2 Transformers Game Project

Kinect v2 Transformers[10-00-30]

Kinect v2 Transformers[10-14-02]

Kinect v2 Transformers[10-16-09]

Inspired by the movie Transformers 4, I decided to make a transformers-alike game. Imagine
that I can control the transformer and switch between robot and car, hit the enemies. That would be a lot of fun! So I do this.
I bought the 3D models on the web. It’s not one of the official Transformers though. (I will not be able to buy and use it if it is…)
It’s not so good-looking when looking from the back. Here’s the front looking.

[Click Play button on bottom-left to play the video]

By using Unity 4, all the work is done in 4 days.
To do it, what I needed to solve are:

  • Controlling the 3D model
  • Walk/Run/Turn left/Turn right detecting
  • Two-hands-above-head gesture to switch to car/robot
  • Animations of switching to car/robot
  • Driving gesture detecting
  • Spawn enemies(Helicopter/Car) and make them follow the target(Transformer robot)
  • Enemies exploding when hit. “Hit Targets” +1

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4 Responses to Kinect v2 Transformers Game Project

  1. benoit says:

    Hi excelent project !!!! I am new in the KInect 2.0 world and programming, is it possible to have a tutorial, walkthrough or some codes that you used to do that project…

    Thanx Benoit

  2. cody says:

    Hi, this looks awesome!
    I’m also very interested in how you managed to control the 3D model. I’m new to Kinect programming and keep running into problems trying to map my SkeletonStream onto my model.

  3. nice work. make a tutorial

  4. Kang GeunSu says:

    Hello, Smart man! I` m Korea Student. I Study unity and Kinect 2.0..But this is very important for me.. Because Kinect 2.0 guide isn’t transfer Korean language..I don’t speak english well..I want sample game. You’re game is very good for my study.Please send my mail your source code(kinect 2.0,unit asset).Help me please!!

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