Kinect Smile Tracking

I’ll send you the source code if you do this:
Go to the Youtube video page(Click Here), give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below(on the video page, not this blog post), subscribe to my Youtube channel and PM me this project name and your e-mail via Youtube..

You can do in the same way to get source code of some of my other projects.

(I’m just a high school drop out and I don’t update my Youtube channel for commercial use.. This channel is mainly about Programming, especially about Kinect Programming.. I hope you can subscribe to me if you are insterested in it..)

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2 Responses to Kinect Smile Tracking

  1. El Bruno says:

    Just added a Like and a comment in the youtube video ;)
    Cool work .. now just waiting for some source code

  2. Arman says:

    I’ve just added like and subscribe to your Youtube channel, and waiting for your project source!

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