Kinect Tongue Detector

You can download the demo to try it. (The download is on the bottom..)
The demo simply shows where your tongue moves to.

1.a Kinect sensor.
2.Kinect for Windows SDK v1.5 on your PC.
3.Sufficient lights (for face tracking).

How it works:
1.Track the face(It’s based on Kinect Face Tracking SDK).
2.Get the area of your mouth.
3.Get the closest point to the Kinect sensor of the area.
Kinect Tongue Detector
The red point on the (top-right) depth image is the closest point. It’s where your tip of tongue at.

How to use the Demo:
1.Connect the Kinect sensor to your PC.
2.Unzip the files in a particular directory or folder.
3.Simply double click the “TongueDetector.exe” to run it.
4.Stand in front of the Kinect sensor.
5.If you see two yellow point between your lips, it’s working. Move your tongue and look at the red triangle.

[download id=”13″]

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